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NET technologies–is exactly what this book does. Its team of specialist authors provides a concrete, usable guide to this combination, ranging from the fundamentals of service-orientation to the more rarified air of. NET services in the cloud and beyond. NET developer–mastering these ideas is a must. NET framework and the Azure cloud platform. NET and Windows Azure helps cut through the questions and hype and more clearly discusses the benefits and practical techniques for putting it to work in the real world. This book helps you understand the benefits associated with SOA and cloud computing, and also the techniques for connecting your current IT assets with new composite applications and data running in the cloud.

Overview of Oracle SOA Management

The central objective is to increase systems interoperability and adaptability by adding semantic annotations on service declarations and business processes, in order to capitalize on the information contained in ontologies. The following twofold approach has been undertaken: Its implementation allows us to publish semantically annotated declarations into a well-known service registry and make discovery queries regarding semantic concepts extracted from ontologies.

Secondly, implementing a semantically aware business process execution engine able to conduct reasoning on processes where service requirements are expressed using ontological concepts. It also supports a basic form of data adaptation. Web service composition and orchestration, interoperability, business process, dynamic configuration, adaptive systems, web-services, ontologies 1.

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In this paper we argue that, in many situations, the service discovery should be based on the specification of service behavior (in particular, the conversation protocol).

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Service chain discovery and recommendation are significant in services composition. A complex network module based algorithm using services invocable relations is proposed to search useful service chains on the network.

Furthermore, a new scheme for discovering composite services processes automatically and recommending service chains by ranking their QoS is provided. Simulations are carried out and the results indicate that some useful service chains in the dataset provided by the WSC can be found by the new algorithm. Introduction Web service was widely applied for its outstanding advantages like self-describing, self-containing, and easy deployment.

In order to implement complex business flow, composition of existing web services is a common way to solve the problem [ 1 ]. Web services composition includes a serious of services by service relations and generates a behavior chain to meet user requirements, which is called a web service chain [ 2 ]. A service chain should not only satisfy the functional requirements of users but also make sure that all of the services in the chain are correct and reliable.

A Service Chain Discovery and Recommendation Scheme Using Complex Network Theory

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But they vary greatly in terms of service characteristics. SOA defines 4 basic service types as depicted below: Business services are coarse-grained services that define core business operations. Enterprise services implement the functionality defined by business services. They rely on application services and infrastructure services to fulfill business requests.

Application services are fine-grained services that are bound to a specific application context.

Semantic Web Process Lifecycle: Semantics in Annotation

The description of the behavior of the requested web service and the description of the behavior of the computing service conform to a description logic. Based on logical rules of the description logic, it is determined that the description of the behavior of the existing computing service is subsumed by the description of the behavior of the requested web service. For example, users may implement or access a software application to obtain a stock quote or an airline reservation, or to manage aspects of a business enterprise.

Particular functions of software applications may be implemented as more or less discrete components, and may thereby be used in a variety of contexts. For instance, the example just given of software for obtaining a stock quote may be implemented in a software component that may then be deployed into many other software applications, such as, for example, a stock price charting tool or a daily stock price reporting tool.

Such re-use of software application components may, among other advantages, increase the efficiency and reliability of the components themselves, and of other applications that make use of the components, as well as reducing software development and maintenance costs.

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It means that you should design your services to be as granular as possible to promote composability and reusability. It also means that these services should be stateless i. SOA is based on practices, not technology. If you define your architecture such as enough business logic is exposed as services again, no one is talking about technology here , then you will have SOA.

Buuuut… here comes the little lines at the bottom. Why my company always talk about technology and vendors when it comes to SOA? The truth is that it can be very hard to promote SOA within the terms mentioned above or, at least, to do so without tools. Also, even that your company decides to make its own tooling to promote these practices, it can be very hard as well to comply with non-functional requirements, such as performance, monitorability, scalability, etc. So, the first tool that came around to solve these problems is the ESB.

A Service Chain Discovery and Recommendation Scheme Using Complex Network Theory

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The Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL), commonly known as BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), is an OASIS standard executable language for specifying actions within business processes with web services. Processes in BPEL export and import information by using web service interfaces exclusively.

By placing business processes on center stage, as first class citizens in computing, corporations can gain the capabilities they need to innovate, reenergize performance, and deliver the value today’s markets demand. Business process management BPM systems discover what you do, and then manage the life cycle of improvement and optimization in a way that translates directly to operation.

They see the world in terms of processes using notations and representations business people intuitively understand, and reflect the nature of the way business has to be — connected, collaborative, asynchronous, coordinated, conversational, and constantly changing Many in the IT industry perceive BPM only as a better, faster, cheaper way to integrate applications, and this view is exacerbated by the focus on languages used to support Web services orchestration, such as BPEL. For all that is written about such languages you would think that BPM is only about systems interoperability, application integration, and a smart new way to develop more software.

This thinking totally misses the point. BPM is about better, faster, cheaper business processes, not better, faster, cheaper technology. BPM technologies provide direct representation of business processes, and then open those processes to complete life-cycle management: In short, integration technology, however wrapped in process clothing, solves only an integration need. This is not to say that integration products cannot evolve to become BPM products, or that BPM products cannot provide integration, but the distinction needs to be made.

What distinguishes BPMS is its central focus on the direct representation and manipulation of business processes, just as RDBMS provides the representation and manipulation of business data and the spreadsheet provides the representation and manipulation of numerical data

Structural matching of BPEL processes

Previous Next Discipline Leader: He has made significant contributions to process mining research in the areas of performance analysis and data quality, notably in event log imperfection patterns, which enables a systematic approach to data cleaning. Unlocking the full potential of business processes Dr Chun Ouyang looks at the design and deployment of dedicated business process analytics and automation techniques.

Service discovery for the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) which explicate internal states of pro- cesses requires an adequate formalmodel of BPEL [2].

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discovery of web services, taking into account the client between a business service and its business processes, defined by a domain expert playing the role of BP Designer. (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) [12].

Web service processes currently lack monitoring and dynamic runtime adaptation mechanisms. In highly dynamic processes, services frequently need to be exchanged due to a variety of reasons. The chosen replacement services can be syntactically or semantically equivalent to the BPEL interface. Services can be automatically replaced at runtime without any downtime of the overall system. We implemented our solution with an aspect-oriented approach by intercepting SOAP messages and allow services to be exchanged during runtime with little performance penalty costs, as shown in our experiments, thereby making our solution suitable for high-availability BPEL environments.

LNCS , ” We study services modeled as open workflow nets oWFN and describe their behavior as service automata. Based on arbitrary finite-state service automata, we introduce the concept of an operating guideline, generalizing the work of [1,2] which was restricted to acyclic services. An operating guideline gives complete information about how to properly interact in this paper: It can be executed, thus forming a properly interacting partner of N, or it can be used to support service discovery.

Implementation Of Runtime Web Service Discovery

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BPEL is designed for articulating processes in depth, permitting composition and coordination of activities such as for sequential, parallel, iterative, conditional, compensational and fault execution.

Table Highlights of Oracle SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition Feature Benefit Centrali zed management console Provides administrators managing SOA environments with a consolidated browser-based view of the entire enterprise, thereby enabling them to monitor and manage all of their components from a central location. Discovery and service modeling Provides discovery of the following: Service Bus-based business and proxy services.

Service modeling offers out-of-the-box automated system modeling capabilities for the SOA infrastructure. Also provides an error list of process instances with drill-downs into instance details. Infrastructure management Monitors the availability and performance of the SOA infrastructure components. Both current and historic availability of targets such as BPEL Process Manager or Service Bus are recorded for troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

The parameters can be refreshed, saved, or compared with another target.

Kubernetes Webinar Series – Understanding Service Discovery

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